Evelis Aguilar continues to climb positions in the Heptathlon events of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Evelis Aguilar continues to climb positions in the Heptathlon events of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Evelis Aguilar, the daughter of Chigorodó (Antioquia) continues to give her all in the demanding Heptathlon tests and at the moment she is in position 16 of this competition where the athletes participate for two days in seven athletic disciplines: 100 Meter Hurdles, Shot Put, 200 meter dash, Long Jump, Javelin Throw and 800 meter dash.

The athlete from Chigorodó (Antioquia) qualified in the night of Tuesday, August 3 in the test of 100 Meters Hurdles, where she was in 22nd place of the joust with a time of 13.89 seconds, with which they awarded 994 points. The winner of this first event was the British Katarina Johnson – Thompson from Great Britain.

Later Evelis Aguilar competed in Salto Alto, where she managed to rise 1.68 meters from the crossbar, nevertheless he finished in 23rd place, for what they awarded 830 units. The Series B winners, who totaled 1,016 points, were Ivona Dadic from Austria, Noor Vidts from Belgium and Georgia Ellenwood from Canada.

But the Antioqueña did not give up and on Wednesday morning, she participated in the Shot Put discipline, where she obtained a mark of 13.42 meters, which allowed her to add 755 points and place herself in 14th place in this form of athletics. In this test she beat the Dutch Emma Oosterwegel and the representative of Burkina Faso, Marthe Koala.

With more encouragement, around 6:40 in the morning of the same Wednesday, Colombian time, Aguilar ended the first day of testing with a brilliant participation in the 200 meters dash, where he ranked fifth in Series 3 with a time of 24.05 seconds and adding 976 points. In this way, she rose to 21st place in the general ranking.

On Wednesday night in Colombia, the national athlete participated in the javelin throw, where she obtained the mark of 6.29 meters with which she added 940 more points to occupy the sixth place in that discipline and move up to 17th place in the competition.

The athlete from Chigorodó had her next javelin throw competition that she reached 44.85 meters, with which she added 761 more points to occupy the 11th place in that athletics modality and move up to box 16 in Heptathlon with 5,256 points.

The most demanding of the women’s athletics events will conclude on Thursday at 7:20 in the morning, Colombian time, where it will close with the 800-meter joust.

For now the first three places in Heptathlon in the Olympics of Tokyo 20202 it is occupied by the athlete from Belgium Nafissatou Thiam, with a total of 5,912 points; Anouk Vetter from the Netherlands with 5,848 points and the United States athlete closes the podium for now Kendell Williams with 5,642 points.


Colombia is ranked 62 with two silver medals and a bronze. Silver medals were won by Mariana Pajón in BMX cycling and Luis Javier Mosquera in Weightlifting. The bronze medal was obtained by Carlos Ramirez in BMX cycling.

The country has also achieved 11 Olympic diplomas: Two by Rigoberto Urán in Road Cycling; Mercedes Pérez and Santiago Rodallegas in the Weightlifting; Andrea Ramírez in Taekwondo, Juan Sebastián Cabal and Robert Farah in the doubles tournament in Tennis, Mauricio Ortega in Discus Throwing, Sebastián Muñóz in Golf and Yeni Arias, Ceibar Avila and Yuberjen Martínez in Boxing.

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