iOS 15 latest beta adds

iOS 15 latest beta adds “automatic removal of lens flares in photos”

It’s been about two months since Apple released the beta version of iOS 15, and it looks like the OS will also feature new features that weren’t initially announced. That’s because the latest Beta 4 reportedly found a new feature that automatically removes lens flares during photo post-processing.

This new feature was reported on the major bulletin board Reddit and shared on Twitter by the developers of the popular camera app “Halide”.

The published image sample is a photograph taken in the sunny meadow. In such an environment, a small lens flare (light leaks into the dark part when the camera lens is exposed to sunlight) usually occurs as shown in the image on the left.

In fact, even in this photo, there is a flare of white light spots on the left side opposite to the sun on the right side. However, in the image on the right, it has been removed.

The developer noticed that there was lens flare after shooting when using the Live Photos feature (recording movements and sounds before and after taking a photo as a video). Actually, the image on the left is cut out from a live photo. Comparing this condition with normal shooting, it seems that a small flare was discovered.

Other users have also reported that they have confirmed the automatic removal of lens flares on iPhone XS, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

All reported iPhones are equipped with A12 Bionic or later, but “SoC is A12 or later” is a prerequisite for many of the new features in iOS 15, and old iPhones But it’s unclear at the time of writing whether the same thing can be done.

Other new shooting-related features in iOS 15 include FaceTime portrait mode (blurring the background of the call to focus on you) and live text (text and text in photos and screenshots look like regular text). You can select the range and copy it). These features will be available on the iPhone a couple of years ago. I’m looking forward to it.

Rachel Maga
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