A fractured arm, the imminent loss of his right eye and multiple injuries are the consequences pointed out by a young man who was left by the attack of a police tank during one of the clashes that took place between citizens and the Public Force in the demonstrations that took place on Friday in Popayán (Cauca), in the southwest of Colombia.

The day of protests was held in that city after the case of a teenage girl who committed suicide was known and who denounced that she was sexually abused by uniformed members of the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (Esmad) when she was detained on Wednesday in the midst of the national strike demonstrations, which have completed 17 days in Colombia.

His video testimony was published by Andrés Felipe Velasco, one of the councilors of that town, on his Twitter account in the early hours of Saturday.

“On Friday, May 14, I am in the city of Popayán, participating in a resistance that has been taking place in our country for almost 15 days. I am on the front line and I did not believe that I was going to be one of those victims left by the repressive force of the State”, he counted.

In his story, the young man said that he suffered the injuries when he threw himself to push another of the protesters who was about to be crushed by the vehicle.

Tanqueta rammed protesters in Popayán on Friday’s day of protests.

“The little I can remember is a boy who was going to be attacked by the Esmad tank, my first reaction was to go out and push him and try to make him come. Unfortunately in that act, I manage to push him, but who is under the tank and is impacted by it is me, until then I can remember,” he said.

He noted that under the car that is used to counter riots there were sharp objects that seriously injured him.

“I think the feeling was that I was going to die, I only remember that under the tank there were some pikes, some horrible things that unfortunately impacted my eye”, he said.

At the end of the video, the boy recounted the medical interventions that were carried out and the consequences it had for his integrity physics.

“The medical opinion still does not clarify that I have lost of sight, I still cannot see. I have to undergo cosmetic surgery because I lost my eyelid, I have a fracture in my left arm, different traumas, the list is long. I want to thank the people who have been outstanding and not a step back ”, he concluded.

In the television newscast Noticias Caracol they indicated that This case is being investigated in which that police vehicle rammed the protesters.

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