Colombia reported 452 deaths this Wednesday from coronavirus and accumulates 82,743 deaths, while it reported 16,579 new infections with a total of 3,161,126 infections, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

In the country, 106,631 cases are still active, corresponding to 3.37%, and 2,961,313 patients appear as recovered, equivalent to 93.67% of the people who have suffered the covid-19.

The deaths reported on this day occurred mainly in Bogotá (103), Antioquia (68), Atlántico (65), Valle del Cauca (32), Cundinamarca (28), Santander (24), Boyacá and Bolívar (12), Córdoba ( 11), and Caldas, Magdalena and Cesar (10).

While the highest number of infections was in Bogotá (4,664), Antioquia (1,572), Cundinamarca (1,407), Bolívar (1,119), Atlántico (888), Valle del Cauca (860), Santander (797) and Boyacá (537) .

The regions that have accumulated the most infections continue to be Bogotá, with 879,179, followed by Antioquia (510,159), Atlántico (261,851), Valle del Cauca (254,620), Cundinamarca (146,438) and Santander (120,312).

Today 75,871 samples were processed, of which 43,739 were PCR type and 32,132 antigens, for a total of 16.07 million tests performed.


Colombia received 391,950 doses of vaccines from the Pfizer laboratory on Wednesday, which were acquired through a bilateral agreement with that pharmaceutical company.

The Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of Health, Germán Escobar, reported that this month 1.6 million doses will arrive from that laboratory through the bilateral agreement, while through the multilateral Covax mechanism, the country will also receive 1,092,780.

“Thus, these doses will allow to continue advancing in the coverage of stage two of the plan and hasten the complete opening of stage three and the progressivity in the opening of special groups in stage three, as is the case of teachers, for example, ”Escobar pointed out.

In the country, 7,718,287 doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been administered, with 180,524 applied yesterday, and a total of 2,958,890 people have received the two doses of the vaccination scheme.

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