Mayor of Cali Tested Negative For Coronavirus

Mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina, tested Negative for Coronavirus

Through his Twitter account, the mayor of Cali (Valle del Cauca), Jorge Iván Ospina, reported that his PCR and antigen tests, to determine if he had covid-19, were negative.

“To all who have been concerned and attentive to my health, thank you. I inform that the tests for covid have arrived and are negative, both the antigen and the PCR. I’m going to look for the cause of the annoyance, on the other hand. Maintain biosecurity measures and continue with the agenda, my task “, said the president of the capital of Valle del Cauca.

In the newspaper El País de Cali they reported that the mayor of that city had announced on Wednesday that he would isolate itself voluntarily when presenting some of the symptoms of the disease caused by the new coronavirus sars-cov-2, such as 38.6 degree fever, shortness of breath, general malaise, chills, dizziness and cough.

“The bad news, since I have a fever of 38.6, shortness of breath, general malaise, chills, dizziness and cough. I have decided to enter strict isolation, tomorrow I will be tested for Covid. I would not like to have the severe manifestation” announced the Caleño president.

In the Cali newspaper they also recalled that Mayor Ospina, before he suffered these health conditions, He was actively participating in the vaccination days in that western Colombian city.

In fact, the same Wednesday had been present in the immunizations that were carried out on street dwellers, over 80 years old, who roam in the center of the capital of the Valley.

Ospina’s negative for covid would be a relief in that area of ​​Colombia, since, as they recalled in El País, the governor of the Valley, Clara Luz Roldán, was infected with the new coronavirus after overcoming lymphoma cancer, so the departmental president is in isolation while overcoming that disease.

The official, prior to these ailments, was at the Governors’ Summit, which was held last week, Therefore, the regional leaders also carried out tests to determine if they acquired covid-19.

The governor of Quindío, Roberto Jairo Jaramillo, is one of the officials who were infected with the new virus in the country and reported his status a day after Roldan announced his positive, they also recalled in the Cali newspaper.

In Valle del Cauca, reported in El País, 196,532 infections have been registered of the new coronavirus sars-cov-2, of which 180,968 people have been recovered and 6,219 died.

In that department, vaccination began on February 18 with health personnel, and from the 25th of that month the immunizations of adults over 80 years of age began in geriatric homes in that city.

“We hope to vaccinate 1,600 older adults with these doses. In these two days we will be in geriatric homes, then we will go to the elderly who are in their homes. We have started the day complying with all the protocols that the Ministry of Health guides, ”Mayor Ospina had announced last week.

In the Valley they also currently have 16,858 Sinovac vaccines, 8,042 of those doses will be applied to health personnel in that department and the remaining 8,816 will be immunized to those over 80 years of age.

These vaccines will be destined to 40 municipalities in Valle del Cauca with the exception of Buenaventura and Cali, and will be delivered to the medical centers of Buga, Palmira, Tuluá and Cartago.

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