Former President Álvaro Uribe in the morning published a thread of 15 tweets on his Twitter account in which he talks about the situation of Empresas Públicas de Medellín after Álvaro Guillermo Rendón, former manager of EPM, resigned.

The president of Medellín was the main promoter of this resignation. It should also be remembered that Quintero, in his position as mayor, He has the legal power to remove a public official from his position and, in this case, he could have asked the former manager for the position at any time. After Rendón scheduled an extraordinary meeting with the board of directors, which last Monday, February 1, decided that he should surrender his position.

Uribe’s position begins by saying that by August of last year: “Risk rating agencies lowered EPM’s BBB- rating for violating Corporate Governance, a claim of 9 billion was made to HidroItuango builders without informing the Board whose members resigned.”

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Throughout the thread, the management of the current administration that is being developed in Empresas Públicas de Medellín is proposed. The central point was based on that, According to Uribe, Quintero, with the position he took in the face of the administration carried out under Rendón, was promoting “class hatred.”

“The Mayor’s Office launched a class hate speech against Antioquia companies that have served the social fabric of Medellín well, whose social problems need more private enterprise. These types of accusations were the anticipation of expropriations in Venezuela ”added the former senator Paisa.

According to the ex-president, Quintero has affected the finances of the Public Companies of Medellín. “Due to the management of EPM they have been lowering the rating, they already anticipate that they will be lowered to BB + which is equivalent to not having investment grade and forces them to look for the junk bond market,” the president said through his Twitter account.

In addition to this, Uribe Vélez approached President Iván Duque to intervene in the company, but the first president rejected this idea, Well, this was reported on Monday, February 8, in an interview for Radio Nacional. He also said that he trusts the local government to get out of this crisis.

“We have always given all the support to EPM to face situations of all kinds and, at the same time, we have been clear in the interest that the national government has that the companies of our country are also successful in their investments outside of Colombia”, said the president.

Daniel Quintero responded to Uribe’s request to the National Government saying that: “I never thought I would see a trill from Uribe asking that EPM be expropriated to give it to the National Government. While he is Mayor of Medellín, EPM will continue to be public, of Medellín, of Antioquia and of all Colombians ”.

Finally, the former Antioquia governor in the 1990s said Quintero was branding honorable workers as corrupt. “The mayor’s office accused the board members of being corrupt and of being there to favor private companies. Recklessness and injustice towards honorable people”, he added.

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