The weekend horoscope February 13-14: Valentine’s Day of passion for Leo and Libra

The weekend horoscope February 13-14: Valentine’s Day of passion for Leo and Libra

Astrology and predictions of the weekend to February 14: truce for Cancer, advantages for Gemini.

The Horoscope for February 13 and 14 is ready to reveal what this weekend will be like. Another week ends and in these 48 hours there are those who will experience moments of passion, romance and action. There will be news and fun, someone will have to deal with a certain event. All that remains is to read the astral forecasts of the weekend sign by sign.

Astrological forecasts of the weekend from Aries to Cancer

Aries – The horoscope speaks of a Saturday valid for matters of study or work, but interpersonal relationships will also be favored. You may receive an invitation or go on an appointment.

Someone, on the other hand, will prefer to spend a Saturday night at home, warm and safe. On Sunday you will get up later than usual, but you may also feel unwell due to some mental confusion. Cleaning and laundry to do.

Taurus – In these 48 hours you will dedicate yourself to all those things that during the week you tend to neglect due to lack of time or desire. This aspect will favor friendship and couple relationships. Some natives, on Saturday, could go to the beautician or hairdresser to indulge in a beneficial treatment. The more carefree will organize themselves for an outing in company, but it will be good to pay close attention to hygiene rules! Trips or outings.

Gemini – Weekend with good benefits. After a very long and rainy week, you will be happy to leave everything behind.

A few more weeks and the beautiful sunny days will arrive, in the meantime try to wait for the storm to pass and avoid getting too cold. You will get busy and then organize something romantic, especially if you are in a relationship. Some couples will allow themselves a little love escape.

Cancer – February 13-14 weekend horoscope looks rosy and full of love.

Those who are single may receive an unexpected statement or an interesting proposal. Couples will have moments full of emotion, enthusiasm and some pleasant surprises. Your heart will beat wildly! Not everyone, however, is interested in love right now, especially if there is a struggle or suffering going on: you will have a well-deserved respite this weekend.

Weekend horoscope from Leo to Scorpio

Leone – Weekend scented with expectations, feelings and passion. Couples will triumph by having an intense 48 hours full of intimacy, however, not everyone will be pleasant this weekend, as someone is considering breaking up or getting divorced. For everything else, a restful and revolutionary weekend is expected. It will be possible to look forward after the difficulties faced recently.

Virgo – Finally this cold and stormy week will come to an end. Who can, will be able to take a trip and see some friends or relatives. Some will prefer to stay on their own, safe from external dangers. Those who love to watch television series or read can immerse themselves in his passions.

Couples will have a pretty good Valentine’s Day, but it seems the magic and romance of some longtime couples have subsided a little.

Libra – According to astrological forecasts, two beautiful days are expected on Saturday and Sunday. Love will be the center of attention, especially for fresh couples and for those who have always loved each other. Even spouses and all those who have been together for many years, will dust off the passion by rekindling the feeling. There are those who will spend a passionate Sunday and those who will rest after the hard work done during the week.

Scorpio – 48 hours are waiting to say the least surprising and exciting. Couples will be favored but also carefree singles will be able to make new friends that, in the future, could turn into something deeper.

By spring, finances will be settled, meanwhile try not to waste money on superfluous things. You will have a great desire for pizza and love.

Horoscope predictions from Sagittarius to Pisces

Sagittarius – Saturday morning with urgent commitments to attend to. You will have work or household chores to take care of, but by mid-afternoon you can leave all fatigue behind. You will stay up late and this will prompt you to get up later than usual on Sunday. Some will receive phone calls or visits from close relatives, while others will be busy enjoying a Valentine’s Day of passion. Boredom for singles.

Capricorn – Lonely hearts will spend this weekend taking care of work / study or doing a very long TV series marathon.

Couples, on the other hand, will have moments of complicity, passion and romance. Surprises will not be lacking and with the usual partner there will be sparks. All peaceful in the family, those with small children or grandchildren will spend good time with them.

Aquarius – Interesting Saturday and Sunday, something could happen and upset the ordinariness. You will feel calm and romantic, this will favor couples and all those who are in love. Someone could receive a declaration of love or an unexpected proposal, in short, 48 exciting hours are expected.

Pisces – Your creativity will spark this weekend full of love and harmony. You could consider a trip, perhaps to be done between summer and early autumn.

After a very long and turbulent week, you can finally unplug and catch your breath. Those in a relationship will experience moments of passion and closeness.