With more calm, although without ceasing to register some episodes of vandalism, the protests of the eighth day of the national strike were carried out in Bogotá as reported by the Mayor, Claudia López, in the balance sheet she presented on the day.

“We have had a much calmer day in Bogotá. I want to thank the citizens, the young people who today managed to make a very active mobilization in many places, but much more peaceful, much calmer, ”he said.

And it is that on Wednesday most of the mobilizations were characterized by peaceful protests where Artistic presentations, theatrical performances in the streets, some concerts in public spaces, among others, prevailed.

In these demonstrations, which took place in various parts of the city, the acts of violence were reduced and 29 people were injured, 6 of them policemen. A significant reduction from the more than 200 injuries reported on Tuesday, when the mobilizations ended in riots that broke up well into the night.

“(Tuesday), which was a terrible day, we had about 225 injured: 104 police officers more or less, 121 citizens. Today we had a much calmer day in that sense, we had 6 injured police officers and 23 people were injured by the CRUE (Regulatory Center for Urgencies and Emergencies). Tomorrow we will verify how they are doing, at first it seems that everyone is, fortunately, with minor injuries, ”said López.

Although in any case there were some acts of vandalism in which some CAI and Transmilenio stations were again damaged, López stressed that no people were killed.

“We unfortunately also had vandalism today at 3 CAI and 2 more Transmilenio stations. But in terms of life protection we still have 0 deaths ”, he pointed.

Regarding the transportation system, the mayor announced that on Thursday it would start operating again from 4 in the morning and waiting for it to function normally for the rest of the day.

“The Transmilenio system will work on its normal schedule from 4 in the morning and we expect to have service all day. We continue to have 40 percent of the stations out of operation due to the vandalism, but we trust that little by little the demonstration will take the path of consultation and dialogue, and life will resume a slightly more normal course “added.

The mayor also celebrated that the whereabouts of the 16 people who were reported by the Ombudsman’s Office as possible disappeared became known.

“They were in the URI, most are now free, they all had due process, so we have not had such serious risks as deaths or disappearances”, he assured.

The local president reiterated her call for the next days of protests that take place in the city to continue to be carried out without violence.

“We are improving little by little, but we still have a lot of tension, a lot of animosity on the street. We still have a lot of tensions and some confrontations, compared to yesterday it was much better, but We must all continue to seek dialogue, temper spirits, take care of each other and resume the course of dialogue and agreement “, requested the mayor.

For this Thursday a new day of protests is expected for which they are scheduled concentrations from 8 in the morning in Centro Mayor, in the south of the city, and that will march to the National Park where the protesters were also summoned for the same time.

The monument to the Heroes, in the north of the city, is another of the places where a concentration is scheduled for 11 in the morning.

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