Breaks egg on Zemmour’s head: the former journalist’s indignation

Breaks egg on Zemmour’s head: the former journalist’s indignation

A man broke an egg on Eric Zemmour ‘s head. It happened in Moissac, in the south of France. Zemmour was here to campaign. The former journalist and well-known far-right polemicist was here to campaign. In a video that went viral on the web it is possible to see the person responsible for the gesture, an elderly man, approaching Zemmour’s car and “attack” him with the aforementioned egg. The man was then stopped by the presidential candidate’s bodyguards. On reaching the municipality, Zemmour was welcomed by Romain Lepez, mayor of the Rassemblement National of Marine Le Pen.

Egg on the head: Zemmour’s comment

Eric Zemmour commented on the episode that saw him as a victim in spite of himself: “Let’s see where the violence is, there are people who can’t stand the democratic debate”. Joining Zemmour was also Marion Maréchal , niece of Marine Le Pen, who recently joined the party of the far-right representative “Reconquete!”.

Who is the aggressor

Eric Zemmour’s assailant, arrested after the egg gesture, is said to be the father of a disabled person. A gendarme, interviewed by the broadcaster Bfmtv, said that the man had acted “in a personal capacity”. Generator of much controversy, Zemmour had been opposed last January to the inclusion of disabled children, defined by the same “an obsession”.

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