Soleil Sorge

Big Brother Vip, a new job offer for Soleil Sorge

What happened to the influencer and model Soleil Sorge after being eliminated by GF Vip on televoting against Davide Silvestri last Monday 7 March?

GF Vip, Soleil Sorge escorted to a hotel by security after elimination: what happened?

In the late evening of Monday 7 March, Soleil Sorge left the Big Brother Vip house after losing on televoting to Davide Silveztri. After being eliminated, the former suitor of Men and Women was not brought into the studio by Alfonso Signorini but she met a very different destiny.

According to what is learned, in fact, it seems that the former gieffina was escorted by security to an isolated hotel where she received a particularly interesting job offer.

New job offer for the former gieffina: the details

As reported by Gabriele Parpiglia, Soleil Sorge – still without a smartphone or any other technological means that could allow it to communicate with the outside world – was taken to a hotel where she received a job offer that has been circulating on the web for time.

The model was asked to fill the role of juror in the program La pupa e il secchione , hosted by Barbara d’Urso. The proposal was obviously accepted by the former suitor of Men and Women .

After the yes, the 27-year-old was taken to the Roman villa where the reality show will be shot and of which she will be the judge together with Federico Fashion Style and Antonella Elia.

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