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Barça announces that it suspends the electoral process

Barça announced this Saturday in a statement that it provisionally suspends the electoral process as it is impossible to vote on January 24. The statement does not provide information on a new date for the elections, but the candidates admitted this Friday that they are working on the date of March 7. This is the full statement from Barça, which insists on the need to implement voting by mail.

“The Electoral Board of FC Barcelona, ​​as a result of the meeting held on Friday January 15 between the Club Management Commission and the Generalitat de Catalunya, has received a communication from the Management Commission by which confirms the impossibility of holding the elections to the Club’s Board of Directors according to the established calendar, scheduled for January 24, and provisionally suspends the electoral process.

In accordance with article 44.4.c of the FC Barcelona Statutes, the Electoral Board wants to state:

The decision to postpone the electoral process corresponds exclusively to the organizing body. Either the Board of Directors or the Management Commission, in accordance with article 43 of the Club’s Statutes.

The need for provide the Club, as soon as possible, with a Board of Directors with full powers and the ability to make decisions at such an important moment in the Club’s history.

The urgency that the Club Management Commission and the Generalitat agree on the necessary legislative measures to to be able to guarantee the right to vote of the entire social mass as soon as possible. Likewise, it supports the proposal made by the Management Commission to the Generalitat de Catalunya to urgently make and implement the appropriate modifications to try to implement voting by mail. We believe that such a measure would guarantee the possibility of voting on the new proposed date regardless of the health situation caused by the pandemic.

The verification of the obsolescence of the current electoral procedure and the need for it to be modernized as a priority and urgently in accordance with currently available means.

That it is made available to the Club so that this electoral process can continue as soon as possible. “

The Electoral Board It is made up, according to article 44 of the Club Statutes, by five members chosen by lot from among the members with the right to vote and was incorporated on December 22, 2020 in the Auditorium 1899. The president of the Electoral Board is Xavier Guixeras, and the rest of the members are Jordi Aranda, Antonio G. Bermúdez, Josep M. Balart and Jesús Valdés. The secretary of the Management Committee, Josep Maria Mir, acts as secretary, with the assistance of Joan Manel Trayter, trustee of the partners.

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