Alkorta limited Marcelino the possibility of signings

Alkorta limited Marcelino the possibility of signings

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Athletic director Rafa Alkorta has already warned Marcelino García Toral that the possibility of signing in this winter market, due to the singular and reduced philosophy of Athletic, it seemed more than complicated: “I already told Marcelino that we are going to get along well because here you will not be able to sign anyone,” he slipped with players like Llorente, who seems to be staying in Naples finally, and Javi Martínez, who is still at Bayern, always in the red-and-white orbit, plus some other more unlikely name that has come to the fore without any foundation. Cantera and the extensive staff should base the project this course.

Alkorta understands that the decision to lean towards Marcelino in the case of dismissing Garitano had many possibilities after discarding the option of Lezama that he embodies Joseba Etxeberria, subsidiary technician, of whom there is no doubt that he will train in the elite sooner or later: “He has character and personality, and the ambition to do it,” he describes gallo. Regarding the Asturian coach, who has finished the Super Cup title, he points out that “he has a lot of pedigree in Spanish football and it was a winning bet”, and the former lion emphasizes that “when the new coach comes, everyone is with their ears in point and gives an extra “.

In an interview in The Beam of the SER reveals that “Asier Villalibre is the shyest guy I have ever seen in my life” and that when he played at the Hotel’s celebration with the Orsai group, made up of five team players, “Marcelino looked at me and freaked out.” Describe the peculiar situation, with Dani Garcia to the battery, Mikel Balenziaga To the bass, By Marcos and Mikel Vesga to the guitars and with the trumpet he Buffalo Villalibre, who is the soloist. They sang, in addition to versions, a song of their own called ‘One club man’, but in Basque. “Marcelino looked at me amazed,” he reiterates.

About Williams, the protagonist of the Super Cup, Alkorta indicates that “he passes his moments, he will surely end this year with a higher number of goals. It’s a cannon when it’s okay “, He pitches satisfied after going through some delicate weeks at the club, with traumatic decisions: “There has been turbulence. People are on the edge of their nerves and there have been hard times, but in football everything happens from one week to the next, “he underlines about the dismissals and the General Assembly in which the budgets fell: “It has been a complicated month, we already deserved some joy.”

He remembers Gaizka Garitano: “I do not understand why it was not so highly valued outside” and recounted a previous episode that reflects the personality of the Derio coach: “When we went to renew Garitano, he was so honest that he asked me to think about it for a few days because he understood that he had to be 100%.” Alkorta remarks that “with Garitano it was very hard. It is always harder with those at home.”

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