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European regulator will authorize return of Boeing 737 MAX “Next Week”

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The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will give its authorization “next week” for the return of the Boeing 737 MAX flights, after the modifications made to the plane after two accidents, the director of the European regulator, Patrick Ky, announced on Tuesday.

“We plan to publish it (the seaworthiness directive) next week. From our point of view the MAX will be able to fly again (in Europe) from next week,” Ky explained in a video press conference with the German association of the Luftfahrt-Presse-Club (LPC) aeronautical press.

“We have reached the stage where our four prerequisites have been met,” Ky said, citing “a clear understanding of what happened”, the resolution of “all factors that contributed to the accidents”, verification of the EASA from various “hotspots” and information and pilot training.


In November, the United States Aviation Agency (FAA), the main certification body for American aircraft, as well as Brazilian authorities, gave the green light for their return to service.


Canada announced on Monday that it would allow the Boeing 737 MAX to resume flights in its territory on Wednesday.

Clearance to fly the 737 MAX in Europe means that Boeing will be able to resume aircraft deliveries to the continent and can therefore hope to improve its profitability, because customers pay most of the bill when they take possession of the plane.

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