A trafficker from a major marijuana plantation fell a few meters from a juvenile home in La Plata

A trafficker from a major marijuana plantation fell a few meters from a juvenile home in La Plata

Video: plants and the prisoner

Delegation staff At payment of the Superintendence of Drug Trafficking Investigations of the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires They arrested a man accused of producing and selling marijuana from his home, located in the heart of the urban center of the capital of Buenos Aires and a few meters from the Ramón Carrillo Juvenile Home, which accommodates children and adolescents. As confirmed by the sources of the investigation to GlobeLiveMediathe suspect had a crop with 22 large plants.

The operation was carried out at an address located on Calle 9 between 66 and 67. At this location, after an investigation by UFI No. 18 which included follow-ups, surveillance, filming and pre-dealer client procedures, The police were able to establish that a man –identified as CA– engaged in the sale of marijuana and cocaine in small quantities.

With the approval of justice after all the evidence collected, he was searched and arrested. Upon entering the home, investigators discovered that CA had everything necessary to engage in the activity.

Items seized by the police

The defendant did not improvise: he had frames of lamps for growing and drying indoors. In addition, he used different cell phones with which he arranged meetings near his home.

At home, the cocaine was kidnapped, 12,000 pesos; two cell phones, sharp substances; a digital scale; five indoor light fixtures and glyphosate. Among the plants, the defendant had set up a small table for drinking mate.

The dealer after the arrest
The dealer after the arrest

This is not the first discovery of a large marijuana crop in a private home in recent times. Last month, an investigation by the NEA Complex Investigations Department of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA)depending on the Superintendency of Federal Investigationsled to the discovery of an important plantation located in a field in the province of Corrientes.

According to official sources, the troops found a total of 56 plants more than two meters high and arrested a woman.

The intervention took place around two o’clock in the morning. in a property located at kilometer 4 of the provincial road no 19, in the municipality of Colonia Pando, department of San Roque. There, according to the first data of the investigation, a couple cultivated a marijuana plantation which they then marketed. The suspect’s companion who remains at large.

The sources consulted in this way indicated that Indications emerged from the investigation that the man was the one who arranged the sale of the drugs, who at the time of the search was not at home. Additionally, they indicated that the plants were scattered around the house on the property, behind improvised fences.

Marijuana plants in the dealer's house in La Plata
Marijuana plants in the dealer’s house in La Plata

The operation was ordered by the Federal Court of Goya, Corrientes, in charge of the judge Cristina Pozzer Penzo, in front of the secretary of Héctor Montiel, and with intervention in addition to the federal prosecutor of Goya, Mariano de Guzmán.

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