Calls on the U.S. president to allow the Serbian to play in Miami, which is now prevented by “the misguided and unscientific vaccination requirement.”

Novak Djokovic said to be dropped from the Indian Wells draw. The world No. 1 cannot enter the United States because he has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus. This requirement will disappear on May 11 when the national public health emergency declared by the pandemic is ended. In the meantime, Nole will not be able to play in Miami either, unless he receives a medical exemption.

This waiver has not been processed to date and pressure from the political arena has been mounting after it became known that he would not be in India Wells. Rick Scott, currently a Republican Party senator in Florida and who was governor of that state between 2011 and 2019, requested in a letter to Joe Biden, president of the United States, that the world number one be allowed access to the country. Marco Rubio, another senator for Florida, expressed himself in the same terms.

Djokovic’s entry into U.S. politics has taken a step further with the intervention of Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida and in the presidential race to lead the Republican party in the 2024 elections. In his fight with Donald Trump, he has found Nole’s trump card to launch his attack with Biden: “The only thing preventing him from participating is the misguided, unscientific and outdated Covid-19 vaccination requirement,” he notes while turning to John McEnroe: “He was absolutely right to say that this restriction is absurd.”

In the letter sent to the White House occupant, he asks him to end “the ban on unvaccinated foreign nationals from entering the country, which seems unfounded and against common sense or any genunine concern for the health and welfare of the American people.”

DeSantis goes further and puts the spotlight on Djokovic: “Novak, as I’m sure you know, is the most successful tennis player in history. His presence is not a significant risk to public health.” He even questions whether the ban on entry into the country is in effect if he were to arrive by boat: “Confirm no later than March 10 that this method of travel would be allowed in Florida”.

The governor has always maintained an anti-vaccine position. He has no qualms in pursuing this argument “They are not as effective as initially advertised. In addition, exposure to Covid-19 is now less likely to lead to hospitalization or death. Here in Florida we took a leadership role in rejecting vaccination mandates. I am proud of these efforts that undoubtedly promoted personal freedom and economic growth without exposing our citizens to proven harm.”

Pressures to get Djokovic into the U.S.

This statement comes shortly after The New York Times published the steps that were taken to try to get Novak Djokovic a waiver to enter the United States. Over the past few weeks, Nole’s team has reportedly been contacting people who were close to Joe Biden, including Billie Jean King. Djokovic’s interest in attending the Miami Open is also understandable, as it is a tournament in the hands of IMG, the Serbian tennis player’s representative agency.


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