Who is Nicole Shanahan? The wife of the co-founder of Google who is related to Elon Musk

Who is Nicole Shanahan? The wife of the co-founder of Google who is related to Elon Musk

Nicole Shanahan is a businesswoman, lawyer, philanthropist, mother, and wife of Google co- founder Sergey Brin, the world’s eighth-richest man with a fortune valued at $94.6 billion, whom she is now divorcing.

At this time the businesswoman has acquired special fame. Those who did not know her now want to know who Shanahan is, the woman who allegedly had an affair with Tesla co-founder Elon Musk, number one on the list of the world’s most millionaire men with a fortune of 242,000 million dollars.

The alleged relationship between Shanahan and Musk would have occurred last year and is pointed out as the cause of the end of the union between the lawyer and the co-founder of Google, as well as the end of the well-known friendship between the two billionaire businessmen.

In the midst of all this scandal, we all wonder who is Shanahan? Well, she is about the woman who has managed to confront two of the richest men in the world, although the case in question has the characteristics of a soap opera. Here are some facts about her life and professional training:

1.- A Resilient woman

Nicole Shanahan was born in Oakland in 1985. She has offered public statements in which she says that she was a poor girl with a difficult childhood because her father suffered from mental illness and her mother, a Chinese immigrant in California, could not function in United States.

So, having two unemployed parents with communication problems with society, she had to learn to look for her means of subsistence from a very early age and at the age of 12 she used the recently created internet to look for school and work, she said. Shanahan in an interview with Modern Luxury Magazine.

The now-successful businesswoman has stated that her mother, despite being a poor immigrant woman who worked as a domestic worker and used food stamps to put food on the table, knew how to support her so that she knew she could progress despite the enormous difficulties in which they lived.

The resilient Nicole then entered thePuget Sound Universitywhere she studied Economics, Asian studies, and Mandarin Chinese. She also went to National University of Singaporeto train in International Trade and Global Exploitation of Intellectual Property and Law and Legal Development in China.

In addition, she graduated as a lawyer from theSanta Clara University School of Lawin Technology, Intellectual Property and Litigation.

2.- Businesswoman and philanthropist

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Shanahan was married for more than three years with Brin

In your network profileLinkedin, the Silicon Valley businesswoman highlights her activity as a researcher inCodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, a joint institution between Stanford Law School and Informatics.

Her position as CEO and founder of the patent management company is also highlighted. ClearAccessIP, which works with artificial intelligence.

Shanahan is an expert in the field of patent management, not only in the United States but also internationally.

In addition, she is the creator and president of the Bio-Echo Foundation which presents itself as a philanthropic organization that seeks to create a multiplier effect across new frontiers in terms of longevity and reproductive equality, criminal justice reform and also seek tools to make the planet healthier and more habitable.

The businesswoman’s contributions to leftist political organizations and to Democratic candidates have also been recognized.

In recent statements to Puck and quoted by Bloomberg Shanahan said, “I want to spread the word and assure everyone that I am committed as always to dedicating my life’s work to social justice, climate solutions and a thoughtful and caring democracy.”

He added, “I actually think as I come out of this breakup I feel more optimistic about how I could grow in this role.”

3.- Mother after 30

The foundationSergey Brin Family made a significant donation to fund the Center for Female Reproductive Longevity and Equity in theInstituto Buck for Research on Aging after Nicole Shanahan herself had difficulty getting pregnant.

She underwent in vitro fertilization treatments that made her realize that she was not unbreakable and that these processes can be traumatic, and for this reason she declared that she was committed to helping women have more options in the area of ​​motherhood.

Her daughter, whose name is unknown, was born in 2018 and in 2019 the lawyer decided to create her own foundation – Bia-Echo – to help not only women who wish to have children despite their advanced age, but also other philanthropic purposes.

Two marriages

The lawyer has had two marriages in her life, first she was married to a finance executive named Jeremy Asher Kranz whom she divorced in 2014.

His second marriage was celebrated privately in 2018 with the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, with whom she had already been in a relationship for a couple of years and very shortly after the couple’s daughter was born.

Brin was also previously married to Anne Wojcicki with whom she has two children.

Now, the former couple made up of Shanahan and Brin have announced their divorce due to “irreconcilable differences” and, according to information recently published by the Wall Street Journal, the reasons lie in thatalleged relationship that the lawyer and Ellon Musk would have sustained, although the latter has already publicly denied the affair.

The two billionaires have been friends for years, and Brin backed Musk with $500,000 for Tesla in 2008 when the company was going through a rough patch financially.

In the last hours Musk has posted messages on Twitter in which he assures that he has only seen Shanahan twice in three years and always surrounded by many people. Likewise, he has denied that his friendship with Brin has ended.

In the midst of this scandal, divorce settlements are being negotiated and Shanahan is asking for more than a billion dollars.

However, there is a prenuptial agreement that seems to hinder the lawyer’s aspirations.

In any case, all the lights are on these three celebrities from the world of technology and, above all, money.

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