Jennifer Gates wedding

Wedding of Jennifer Gates, daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates, with the Egyptian rider Nayel Nassar

The couple have celebrated two weddings in the New York farm that the bride owns in North Salem

The tycoon’s daughter held a Muslim civil liaison on Friday and, the next day, the open-air party attended by friends and family

Jennifer Gates, the eldest daughter of the almighty Bill and Melinda Gates, has married  Nayel Nassar . And it has done it twice. After getting engaged in January 2020 and delaying their dream celebration due to the health crisis, the couple celebrated two weddings this weekend. According to the Daily Mail , on Friday night they married in an intimate Muslim wedding for which they chose the same enclave as for their second ceremony, this time civil: a spectacular 50-hectare horse farm and valued at 14 million euros that the The bride’s parents gave her after graduating in Human Biology at Stanford. An exclusive enclave of the New York town of North Salem in which the 25-year-old medical student and the 30-year-old Egyptian rider and businessman have started a new chapter in their love story surrounded by family and friends.

After graduating from Standford, Jennifer made her commitment to Nassar official in January 2020 through a statement: “Nayel Nassar, you are unique. You surprised me this weekend in one of the most significant places for me related to one of our many shared passions. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives learning, growing and loving each other. ” He, for his part, confessed that he felt “the luckiest and happiest man in the world right now. Jenn, you are everything I could have imagined and much more. I can’t wait to continue growing together through this journey called life. and I just can’t imagine mine without you. I love you more than you can possibly imagine and thank you for making every day a dream for me. From here to eternity … “.

For her big day, Jennifer wore a flowy dress made to measure by Vera Wang with a sleeve and veil and her hair semi-collected. His best kept secret was revealed when he walked to the altar, installed in the open air, where Nayel was waiting for him in a black suit with a vest of the same tone, just like the bow tie. The ceremony ended at approximately five in the afternoon with a great applause to celebrate that the hosts were officially husband and wife. Among the guests, in addition to relatives such as Mimi Gardner Gates, the bride’s grandmother, was Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of the former mayor of New York. Both Bill and Melinda Gates, who maintain a good relationship after separating this summer, were constantly aware of their first-born, as well as the nine bridesmaids that the bride chose.

Mimi Gardner Gates , the young woman’s grandmother, and Georgina Bloomberg , daughter of the former mayor of New York, were other prominent guests. Although it was pointed out that Marta Ortega would be among those attending the link, at this time it is still not known if she finally attended or not.

The surroundings of the farm were filled with security guards days before the link, which was provided with catering from Gallucci. According to the American press, the cake consisted of eight floors and is the work of the Ladurée pastry house . On Friday night, when the civil wedding took place, the bride and groom and their guests enjoyed the creations of chef Jean-Georges, a reference name for the most exclusive weddings. The menu included pasta and lobster.

In addition to the mythical song of ‘The Lion King’, songs by Coldplay and Harry Hudson sounded during the wedding .

While the newlyweds were photographed at different points of the impressive garden of the mansion, adorned for the occasion with candles and floral decorations, the guests moved to some tents and steel structures that were installed to host the banquet and that seemed to emulate a garden botanical. Outside they put up high tables and stoves to ensure the comfort of the attendees when the temperatures dropped at night. The Gallucci caterer participated in the banquet, where they also tasted the traditional wedding cake. The eight-story cake was created by the exclusive French pastry house Ladurée. Also, the night before, to celebrate their religious ceremony, they tasted chef Jean-Georges creations that included lobster and pasta. Upon receipt, Harry Hudson . To organize the great party they trusted the wedding planer Marcy Blum, who has participated in the links of Kevin Bacon, LeBron James and Billy Joel. 

In the vicinity of the mansion, security was extreme with several police patrols guarding the area and even cut off access to the street where Jennifer’s house is located. After two in the afternoon on Saturday, no one could pass who was not preparing the wedding or was part of the guest list. In addition, according to the residents of the area, the device that has been implanted in the city since days before the wedding is unparalleled . On Thursday night, the couple stayed at the Greenwich Hotel in Manhattan, whose rooms range from 730 euros to 2,155 euros per night. Melinda Gates has been in town since Monday, when she arrived with a large entourage and exclusive brand clothing, a pale pink Givenchy sweater and a black Balenciaga bag. His father,Bill Gates made his arrival on Friday at the New York helipad. 

A lot has happened since Jennifer and Nayel announced their engagement. Not only did a global pandemic upset their plans, but the bride also experienced the divorce of her parents, who announced their separation in May. Fortunately, the ex-partner maintains a good relationship and continues to work together on her foundation after dividing her fortune of 128,000 million euros equally . Jennifer was the only one of the ex-partner’s children who wanted to speak publicly about the pain that the divorce of their parents had caused her and her siblings: ” Both the rest of the family members and I are learning the best way right now. to process this difficult period  and I would appreciate the space to be able to do so. ” Jennifer pointed out that still “I don’t know what is the best way to handle the process, or my own feelings “,  but he wanted to thank the expressions of affection received:” I want you to take into account that your words and encouragement mean a lot to me. “

With her parents’ divorce resolved , Jennifer Gates was able to celebrate  her bachelorette party  last month at the large family mansion in Washington . Her mother, Melinda, was the great host of the evening, which was attended by the family and the closest friends of the bride. Bill Gates’ daughter shared several photos with her followers as they enjoyed a cocktail at her lakefront home before enjoying a nice cookout. “Thank you for this incredibly special celebration Melinda,” Jennifer told her mother.