America is still in shock, two days after a shooting broke out at an elementary school in Texas, killing 19 children. A ceremony in tribute to the victims was organized a few kilometers from the scene of the tragedy, where Joe Biden must go in the coming days to meet the bereaved families, bruised but who find it difficult to express themselves on the very sensitive subject of weapons. .

The NRA funds the campaigns of various candidates in exchange for congressional support

This is explained in particular by the fact that the drama took place in Texas, the state most attached to firearms. A state where the NRA is well established. The gun lobby is fighting tooth and nail to retain its influence. The group is one of the most important lobbies in the country. It distributes campaign funding very widely to the various candidates: about 3 million dollars a year, not counting indirect funding via campaign groups. In exchange for what the recipients of the largesse of the arms lobby is to defend its interests in Congress. Among those who receive the most money from the NRA are Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas and most of the most influential Republicans.

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