A woman won more than $750,000 in the lottery, though she ultimately walked away with $537,093 after taxes. Now, she plans to buy the house of her dreams

A woman from the town of Maxton, North Carolina, won a prize of $756,362 dollars, after buying a lottery ticket. Now, she plans to buy her dream home, according to the state Education Lottery.

“I can finally get my dream house. Now I can have something to call my own,” said winner Linda McCain.

McCain, 54, said she first checked the numbers late at night after the Aug. 18 drawing, but she didn’t believe her eyes, so she went into the kitchen to get more light to get a better look. .

“When I found out, I started screaming. I felt so good I couldn’t even go back to sleep,” McCain said.

The lucky woman bought her ticket at the Short Stop Mart on West Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Maxton.

“I was pinching everyone to make sure it was real. My sister told me, ‘You deserve it,'” McCain said.

The woman said that each number she chose to play on her lottery ticket from her Quick Pick Cash 5 game had special meaning to her.

“I guess it was my time. This is incredible”, added the player.

After required state and federal tax withholdings, McCain took home $537,093.

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