The student had never played “Cash4Life”, since she only bet on Mega Millions, but a change in her strategy made her a winner

Jackpocket has become one of the most popular applications among those who are regular lottery players, since through it they can safely purchase state lottery tickets.

Precisely, thanks to this app, a nursing student from Brooklyn won a prize of $1 million dollars by acquiring the winning ticket of the “Cash4Life” game.

The nursing student, whose identity has not been revealed, bought several lottery tickets for said draw through Jackpocket, and it was the first time she had done so, so she never imagined that she would match the 5 numbers of the lottery. winning combination.

The young woman found out several days later about this good news, which she quickly shared with her mother, who advised her to make sure that it was not some kind of scam through the app, and upon reviewing it, she discovered that her earnings were already registered in your profile.

When claiming her prize, the student said that she downloaded the lottery app 9 months ago because her brother-in-law recommended it to her. At first, she was only interested in playing Mega Millions but after the grand prize draw a few weeks ago, she decided to try another game, not imagining that she would leave her with a profit.

“I feel like I’m very lucky in my life. But winning this was a whole new world for me.”

Regarding what she will do with her award, the Brooklyn student indicated that the first thing she will do is pay off her educational debt and pay for her last year of nursing school. She also wants to use the money to help her family and invest for the future as well.

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