New twist in the Levi Davis case: an arrest expected before Monday

New twist in the Levi Davis case: an arrest expected before Monday

New information sheds light on the case of Levi Davis, the former rugby player and star of X factor 24-year-old who disappeared in Barcelona on October 29.

The team of detectives who have been trying for weeks to find the young man gave new information in a statement announcing that “Levi Davis was the victim of deception through a false identity”.

Detectives from the Line Of Inquiry agency explain that “after an exhaustive investigation, it was discovered that the suspect (in the disappearance of the British athlete) had created a fake profile on the Grindr social network with the photo from Levi’s and a fake name. This fake ID was used to trick him into going to Barcelona. It has been shown that Levi was lured to Barcelona through deception.

“Strong digital evidence”

Investigators led by Gavin Burrows add that “fortunately, we have strong digital evidence to support these facts and we are cooperating fully with the authorities”.

They also explain that they have shared the results of their investigations with the national police, “who will analyze these clues. We expect an imminent arrest of the suspect by next Monday”.

The private investigators are also issuing a warning to the general population: “This is an important reminder for all of us on the importance of being careful with our personal information online and to be alert to any suspicious activity.”

The investigative team concludes their memo by saying: “The safety and security of our community is one of our top priorities and we will continue to work with the authorities to ensure those responsible are brought to justice.

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Levi Davis recorded a video before his disappearance.

At the beginning of December, Gavin Burrows, private detective of British celebrities responsible for the company Line Of Inquiry, arrives in the Catalan capital, setting up a team of ten professional sniffers. From the start of the investigations, Burrows and his team did not want to rule out any hypothesis, in particular that the disappearance of Davis was not voluntary.

A few days ago, we learned that the former rugby player had recorded a video to denounce that he was being blackmailed by a group of criminals. He first traveled to Eivissa, where he recorded the video, and then to Barcelona on October 29. That night, his trail gets lost on the Rambla. “We knew that Davis was having trouble with the Somali mafia, who were asking him for around £100,000, but we thought it was mainly for drugs. The reality is much more serious than expected. Some of our sources told us maliciously given false information to confuse us.”

Now there seems to be more light to shed light on this mysterious disappearance and detectives are hoping the case will be solved in the next few hours or days.

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