Communicating by phone with someone who resides in Mexico can sometimes be complicated due to the codes or codes that must be entered, however, the Mexican Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) announced new ways of dialing mobile phones within that country. .

The purpose is to facilitate communication between the interlocutors and therefore, as of August 3, 2021, only 10 digits of the normal number will be used to make a call from North America to a cell phone in Mexico.

How to call Mexico from the USA?

There are different codes or codes that must be used to make a call from the United States to Mexico regardless of whether it is a landline or cell phone:

011: Code to call from the USA abroad.

52 : Code to dial any Mexican number.

55: Lada to call Mexico City *

6948 – 3654: Telephone number digits *

* The area is different depending on the city of the country to which you want to communicate, as well as the digits that make up the number.

Previously , the prefix “1” was also used to communicate to a cell phone, after August 3, with the new regulation this will NO longer be used.

Examples for calling a cell phone:

Before August: 011-52-1-55-9876-1112

After August: 011-52-55-9876-1112

Example to call a landline:

For fixed numbers the way of dialing will not change, it will be exactly the same:

Permanent: 011-52-55-6347-2335

The changes were tested for 12 months by the IFT until they were fully implemented.

How to call the main cities of Mexico?

As explained above, to communicate to any number, be it landline or cell phone, it is necessary to dial the area that varies according to the state of the country; The long distance codes for the main cities of the Mexican Republic are:

  1. Mexico City: 55
  2. Guadalajara: 33
  3. Monterrey: 81
  4. Playa del Carmen: 984

In the case of CDMX, the State of Mexico, Guadalajara and Monterrey, they are the only cities whose area is made up of two digits and the telephone number is eight. For any other Mexican state, the long distance code consists of 3 digits and the telephone numbers of seven. In total the side plus the number must always be 10 digits.

How to call the United States from Mexico?

To communicate from Mexico to the United States the process is similar because, the following codes and prefixes corresponding to the locality are also needed.

00: International call code.

1: Prefix to mark the USA.

213: City code in the United States *.

987-6027: Destination phone in USA *.

The prefixes of each city are different as well as the destination number . In the United States, all city codes have three digits and telephone numbers have seven; in total there are 10 numbers.

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