Black Friday 2022: what advantages can you get from saving your purchase receipts

Black Friday 2022: what advantages can you get from saving your purchase receipts

Some retailers promise to match the costs of the items you paid for on Black Friday if the bill was higher at the time than you find the costs over the December holidays.

Perhaps for this day you are weighing the hangover that Black Friday purchases left you in its 2022 edition, and after a busy weekend in this sense, since Cyber ​​Monday was also celebrated, you may think that this is already over. term. However, this is not the case, and a fundamental part of it is the receipts for all your purchases made during this weekend . The reason? You could get additional discounts.

Although Black Friday presents itself as an opportunity to get deep discounts and promotions and even items at very low costs, it may be that this is just part of the marketing and that you are not really finding the cheapest thing on the market. This is a risk that buyers will always face if they don’t compare prices days before.

The good news is that you may be able to get better discounts if you managed to save receipts for your purchases. And is that a lot of retailers will match the prices during the holidays (and throughout the year) of the items you already bought on Black Friday, but you will need your receipts to take advantage of this condition.

That is to say, if you buy a fryer for $200 dollars, when you know that its original price is $230 dollars, you may think that you are taking advantage of an offer. But then, when Black Friday season is over and you realize you were able to get it for $180, that’s when your receipt can help: You may qualify for a price match where the retailer you bought that item from refunds you the difference. Without a receipt, you lose the chance to get that money you overpaid back.

If you made your purchases with a credit card, you may think that this will be enough to qualify for the matches of the retail stores, however, this does not work like that, an account statement will never be enough to be eligible for this discount option.

One of the main requirements of retailers to match the cost of previously purchased products on Black Friday is that you just present your purchase receipt. According to experts, you should keep these for at least 90 days. Even a good technique is that you take a picture of them, in case they get damaged, you will have the reference to demonstrate with all legibility, what it says on the receipt.

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