Kroger credit cards: which ones can I request in the United States

Kroger credit cards: which ones can I request in the United States

Like other similar establishments, Kroger also offers a credit card as a form of payment for customers who make purchases at its supermarket chain.

Customers who shop at Kroger can get a credit card to finance their spending at each of the Ohio – based supermarket chain ‘s stores . As in the case of this type of business and for the convenience of interested clients, the request for this tool can be carried out online, through the official website of this company.

The Kroger credit card offers several advantages and rewards to customers , rewards that multiply as they make purchases in each of its establishments.

What Kroger credit cards can I apply for in the United States?

Currently, Kroger only offers a credit card backed by the MasterCard network that provides rewards to all customers who purchase it and make purchases at its stores. The application process can be carried out online, through the official Kroger website and only takes 60 seconds. This card is also backed by US Bank.

Kroger Rewards World Elite MasterCard – Best credit card for purchases at Kroger

Main features:

– It has an introductory offer of 5% reimbursement for the first $3,000 spent on purchases at Kroger stores in the United States. This percentage is then reduced to 1%.
– Offers 2% cash back for purchases inside Kroger stores.
– Offers 1% cash back for purchases at stores other than Kroger.
– It is particularly useful for saving on fuel because it allows cardholders to redeem their points at Kroger Fuel Centers located in various parts of the United States.
– APR: 17.74% to 30.74%, which may vary depending on the solvency of the client at the time of the request and later due to market fluctuations.
– Annual fee: does not apply.

Despite being a credit card associated with a supermarket chain, the Kroger Rewards World Elite MasterCard credit card requires a certain solvency in the credit history of the applicants . For this reason, to make the request, it is necessary for the client to verify their history in each of the credit reporting companies in the United States (TransUnion, Equifax and Experian) in search of possible freezes in order to resolve them before completing the form. . That way, potential rejections of the application can be avoided.

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