Tourism in Germany is gradually returning to its pre-crisis level: in June 2022, German accommodation providers booked almost 49 million overnight stays. Compared to the previous year, that was an increase of 60.5 percent, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Wednesday. The pre-crisis level of June 2019 was only just missed with a difference of 3.4 percent.

Overall, however, a positive trend can be seen, the statisticians explained. The difference to the pre-crisis level in the number of overnight stays has decreased steadily since the beginning of the year: while it was still a good 38 percent in January, it fell to 11.5 percent in April and also to 3.4 percent in May.

The main driver for the recovery in tourism was the return of foreign tourists: the number of German vacationers in June rose by 48.6 percent compared to the previous year – the increase in overnight stays by foreign tourists was much larger at 245.3 percent.

Compared to the first Corona year 2020, the increase in foreign holidaymakers was a significant 299 percent. Compared to the pre-crisis level of 2019, however, there is still potential to catch up: In June, around 22 percent fewer foreign holidaymakers stayed in German accommodation establishments than in June 2019.

In the first half of 2022, overnight stays increased by 146.3 percent compared to the previous year. Here, too, the recovery in the number of overnight stays for foreign holidaymakers was more pronounced at 304.4 percent than for German holidaymakers at 132.2 percent.

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