Using iOS is often frustrating, and sometimes Apple’s stubbornness is mixed for not introducing some features with that of some developers. This is the case of the Picture-in-Picture function , which allows us to watch videos anywhere in the system in a small box that can be moved wherever we want. Apple did not natively incorporate this function until iOS 14 , but although late, it is already available. However, some apps like YouTube continue to be lazy with it.

On iPhones it is already possible to watch videos from many platforms in PiP format, but not with the most popular video app. YouTube started offering a trial for premium users the same summer that iOS 14 was already in beta. Now, almost two years later, they have closed the test and there seems to be no indication of a next arrival for all users.

Being able to watch YouTube videos in a floating window on Android has been possible for a long time, but not on iOS. As we already mentioned, this is a function that was not native to the iPhone system until 2020 , but not even that made Google consider the possibility of integrating it for all users.

In the summer of 2020, YouTube Premium users were given the opportunity to try this feature on their iPhone. And although it was in beta mode, the truth is that it did not work badly at all. However, in these last hours they stop allowing new users . Those who already signed up at the time will be able to continue enjoying this function, but there will be no room for those who want to sign up from now on. At least for now.

During these years, alternative methods have emerged to be able to use this function without having to be a YouTube Premium subscriber. One of the most popular ways was through the Shortcuts app. However, over time YouTube has been blocking this type of action and today there is no reliable method that guarantees it. And if so, it is more than likely that it will also end up being outdated.

Whether this feature will end up being native to all YouTube Premium users remains up in the air . Although for many this should be something that the app brings natively, it is logical and expected that it is at least for paying users. And there is hope, since 20 months of testing seems more than reasonable, but there is no official confirmation that this will happen.

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