Mexico City.-  In September 2017, the skater  Mario Saenz  was arrested because he was related to the  femicide  of  Victoria Pamela Salas , his  ex- girlfriend. Almost five years after this offense, the athlete was found guilty and  sentenced.

On April 8, 2022, feminist groups celebrated that, finally, there was justice for Victoria Pamela, who was found lifeless on the floor of a shower in a Hotel in Tlalpan , Mexico City (CDMX) .

The first suspect in this crime was the skater Mario Saenz, who declared that he was innocent of this event, and ‘as evidence’ he voluntarily handed himself over to the authorities.

However, the investigations carried out by the CDMX authorities revealed that he would be the femicide of Victoria Pamela, for which he was sentenced to spend 45 years in prison, in addition to having to pay 485 thousand pesos as part of the reparation of damage .

It should be noted that although this decision was celebrated by the activists who have been awaiting justice for the femicide of Victoria Pamela for five years, Mario still has the possibility of appealing this sentence determined by the Trial Court ; he would have to do it next April 19.

Victoria Pamela Salas met Mario Saenz at a party ; It transpired that she did not complete basic education at the upper secondary level because she decided to work to support the economy of her parents, who since her unfortunate death have been fighting for justice for her daughter.

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