Countless websites and apps around the world faced a service outage after Fastly, a major content delivery network, reported a widespread failure.

Fastly, founded in 2011, says it has identified and fixed the problem.

Fastly is a cloud service provider that helps improve website load times. In addition, it provides other services to Internet applications and platforms, including a large global network of servers.


The vendor helps developers get the tools they need to create the most innovative applications optimized for speed, security and scale, the company says on its website.

The company, headquartered in San Francisco, California, has offices in the cities of New York, Denver and Portland, in the United States, as well as in London, England, and Tokyo, Japan.


It is there where it serves its 336 business clients whose average spending reached US $ 800,000 in the first quarter of this year, from US $ 782,000 the previous quarter, according to its financial report.

Fastly’s clients are news sites and apps like Citizen Free Press, The Guardian, The New York Times, and many others. It also provides content delivery for Twitch, Pinterest, HBO Max, Hulu, Reddit, Spotify, and other services.

Major website and application outages happen from time to time and typically don’t last long – Internet service providers, content delivery networks, and other hosting services are built with multiple redundancies and one network global backup servers designed to reduce interruptions when things get crazy.

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