The super plaster that will solve one of the world's great health problems

The super plaster that will solve one of the world’s great health problems

Band-Aids are one of those sanitary products that are always there, at home or in our purse, for when we really need them. Because yes, we only go to them when we really need them and the wound starts to hurt more than bother us. Over time, they have changed in shape or material, but never in a very prominent way. Up to now.

A group of scientists from the University of Chalmers (Sweden) has turned their concept upside down, incorporating a hydrogel that is highly effective in treating bacterial infections in wounds. This advance, published in the magazine ACS Biomaterials, would allow combating cases of antibiotic resistance.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the great health problems facing the population today. This is recognized by the World Health Organization, who fixes on this cause the main reasons why hospital stays, costs and mortality increase.

“After testing our hydrogel on different types of bacteria, we saw a high level of efficacy, even against those that had become resistant to antibiotics”, explained Martin Andersson, research leader and professor in the department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the Swedish university.

To implement this approach, the team took inspiration from the human immune system. Specifically, as collected Novaceno, in a group of proteins called antimicrobial peptides that is observed in our bodies as an innate immune response in the different evolutionary processes.

“With them, the risk of bacteria developing resistance is very low, since it only affects the outer membrane of the bacteria,” adds Andersson.

To which Edvin Blomstrand, a PhD student from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, continues: “The material is very promising. It’s harmless for cells of the own body and gentle on the skin. In our measurements, the protective effect of hydrogel on antimicrobial peptides is clear: they degrade more slowly when they are attached to it ”.

Rachel Maga
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