This Wednesday, the cover of Lecturas surprises us with a bombshell news about the professional future of Paz Padilla. According to the magazine, the presenter has been fired from ‘Got Talent’, and her possible replacement would be none other than Rocío Carrasco.

The decision, adopted by the program management and agreed with the chain, has meant a professional setback for the woman from Cádiz.

An unexpected situation that complicates her television presence which, for now, is reduced to replacing Jorge Javier Vázquez with Carlota Corredera at the helm of Sálvame Diario and her work as an actress, playing “La Chusa”, in The one that is coming.

The surprise that this decision has caused among professionals in the sector has been enormous and even more so when knowing that the name that is being considered to replace her is Rocío Carrasco.

The daughter of Rocío Jurado is running to occupy the chair of Paz Padilla in the next edition of the contest, which is in the pre-production phase.

Based on this information, The producer of ‘Got Talent’ has already communicated to Paz Padilla that it is dispensing with it for the seventh edition of the program.

To accompany Risto Mejide, Dani Martínez and Edurne in the jury, the strongest-sounding name to replace it is not Isabel Pantoja, who has also lost his job in Top Stars, but that of Rocío Carrasco, the daughter of his great rival on stage.

Paz Padilla, another injured by Rocío Carrasco’s documentary

The magazine assures that the decision has left in shock to the woman from Cádiz, who gave her surroundings “a very different version of the situation that has arisen.”

Got talent, it was, along with her role as an actress, her favorite television project and, if she was able to choose between being a jury or a substitute presenter in Sálvame, no one doubts that the comedian would have left the second, as she has expressed on numerous occasions.

The question that everyone is now asking, including Paz himself, is the reason that could have triggered his sudden dismissal. According to some sources consulted, the hiring of Rocío Carrasco in a Telecinco program was assured before the start of the broadcast of her successful documentary. But has his criticism of the daughter of the biggest?

And it is that, as it transpired at the beginning of the broadcast of “Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive”, Rocío Carrasco imposed several conditions and clauses to break her silence in Telecinco. An exorbitant amount of money, which some have encrypted in 2 million euros, and work in the Paolo Vasile chain in a program at his height.

Although the chain has denied the information about the economic retribution to Rocío Carrasco, the demand of Antonio David Flores to La Fábrica de la Tele for unfair dismissal, I could bring this contract to light. The former Civil Guard suspects that, among other demands, his ex-wife asked for his head to sit down and talk and he’s willing to prove it.

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