They are one of the great annoyances of any summer. The mosquitos are always on the lookout and, when you least expect it, they have already bitten you.

You may find out when your skin is already red and extremely itchy. The problem is not that it happens once, but that most of the time it happens several times, and in such a way that what can begin with a pleasant dinner on a terrace, can end with a arm full of bites.

Locating them, most of the time, is very complicated. Hence, different applications have emerged that help to achieve this.


It is one of the most downloaded. Its operation is very simple: it emits a sense that acts on the female mosquitoes that, in no case, will you perceive. Thanks to this, it is able to scare away anyone who approaches you within a radius of two meters. In addition, among other features, it allows you to program the hours you want it to work, as well as to know the different species that may be near you.

Mosquito Killer

It is a free app for Android devices that despite what its name suggests, does not kill insects but repels them. Like the previous one, prevent mosquitoes from biting you by emitting high-frequency beeps from your phone that repels them away from the sound source. It has different frequencies that you can configure depending on your location and type of mosquito in your area.


The operation is exactly the same as that of its predecessors. It is an application that, after installing it, emits sounds that repel mosquitoes that are near you. In the same way, it also acts against different types of insects.

Insect Repellent

This application works on IOS and Android devices. Although it is not free, it allows you to use and continue to operate the phone as normal. It can be left running overnight.

Mosquito Repellent

This application, available for Android devices, emits a high frequency sound that scares off insects in general. The big difference from the rest is that it also works to keep cats and dogs away.

What does the OCU say?

“The apps have been revealed as completely useless,” they say on their website.

Mosquitoes have no ear with what they can perceive those ultrasounds. Instead, what attracts them is our smell, the heat or the breath that we emit. That is why repellants use active principles that try to disorient mosquitoes by acting on their olfactory capacity.”

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