Telegram Premium is now available: this is its price and all its advantages

Telegram Premium is now available: this is its price and all its advantages

Telegram announced in early June the future availability of Telegram Premium, a service that offers users the possibility of accessing exclusive functions and features in exchange for paying a monthly fee, something that, in addition, will allow the company to obtain income directly from users, and not from advertisers. Now, this new version of the messaging service is now available to all users at a price of about 5 euros per month, and with advantages that go far beyond those previously leaked or announced.

Telegram Premium, specifically, is available for $4.99 per month in the United States and 5.49 euros per month in Spain. The subscription service, for the moment, is only available on iOS —although it will come to Android soon— and includes up to 11 features and improvements. Among them, the possibility of uploading files twice the size; going from 2 GB to a maximum of 4 GB, a faster content download mode than the free version and an option to send exclusive stickers and reactions that, fortunately, users with the free plan will be able to see, but not share .

These are some of the features previously leaked and confirmed by Telegram. The premium plan, however, has other really interesting features that could be especially useful for users who use the app frequently.

Transcribe voice notes to text, better chat management, customization options and more

One of them is the possibility of transcribe voice memos to convert them into text messages; function that WhatsApp also seems to be working on, and that will allow you to instantly know the content of a message without having to listen to it. Telegram Premium also offers the double the space to accommodate groups and channels, pinned chats, public links, folders, etc., within the app. Namely; with the free service, for example, users can only subscribe to a maximum of 500 channels. With the premium plan, however, the maximum increases to 1,000. Telegram Premium also allows manage and organize chats in a more complete way.

Another of the improvements of Telegram Premium is the possibility of verifying those people who are paying the monthly fee for the service. The app, in particular, will display a small star-shaped icon that will appear next to the username at all times, including in the list of recent chats.

Regarding personalization, Telegram includes the possibility of adding stickers as a profile image or, include an animated GIF-like image that free users will also be able to view. On the other hand, the app allows premium users to modify the icon that is displayed on the home screen for different designs. Telegram Premium, of course, is ad-free: the app will not show ads in the channels, as it does -albeit rarely- in the channels.

So you can subscribe to Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium, remember, is available in Spain for 5.49 euros per month. Those users who use Phone you can now subscribe to the plan through the app itself. Users with an Android device, unfortunately, will have to wait a little longer. But how is it activated?

First of all, it is necessary update the app, Well, Telegram Premium is available from version 8.8. To do this, go to the App Store, click on your account icon and slide to the updates section. Lastly, update the app. Once you have the latest version installed, access the Telegram application and go to the ‘Settings’ tab. Finally, click on ‘Telegram Premium’ and click on the ‘Subscribe’ button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

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