Yesterday, users who have contracted Starlink satellite Internet have seen how they have been left without Internet for a matter of hours. It must be remembered that Starlink uses SpaceX satellites that are constantly orbiting the Earth in a low Earth orbit (LEO) to offer Internet coverage to its users, but it was only yesterday that the most popular Internet forums, such as Reddit , where they reported that they had run out of Internet, the most striking thing being that the complaints came from all over the world: from the United States, which was the first country to access this service, to other countries such as New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain or Portugal , the most recent to implement it.

Faced with this problem, users reported the service interruption en masse, so Starlink notified through the application that it was investigating the problem, a problem that lasted about four hours, although it is indicated that users who restarted the terminals only suffered a Internet outage for approximately half an hour. Of course, officially, no more is known about the matter , so it is unknown if the cut was planned for maintenance reasons, since curiously in Europe this problem took place first thing in the morning, while in the US it was already it was early in the morning, or if there really was a problem.

Since the service has been operational, it is the first time that this has happened, remembering that at the time of writing SpaceX has launched some 2,000 satellites into space to form its global Internet access network, hoping that they will be active in a margin of 18 months more than 4,200 satellites to continue improving connection speeds, reducing latencies, and of course, offering a much more robust network in terms of stability.

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