Spotify launches High Fidelity, with Lossless Quality

Spotify launches High Fidelity, with Lossless Quality

If music streaming services are very popular, we must admit that the majority of them offer quite poor sound quality

Spotify, like Deezer for example, offers a fairly low quality of sound, the tracks being largely compressed to be able to be diffused even with very weak connections (data in particular). This did not prevent certain services from standing out by focusing on the quality of sound. This is the case with Tidal. And Spotify is about to do the same.

Spotify to launch high-fidelity audio streaming

When Tidal first launched, the service primarily targeted audiophiles, those who are most able to appreciate the high quality of a sound track. That being said, Tidal’s offer was certainly too expensive for ordinary customers. Today, it seems that Spotify also wants to offer its users the possibility of enjoying high fidelity sound.

With a new offer called Spotify HiFi

Dubbed Spotify HiFi, this new option will offer quality lossless streaming and should be available later this year. According to the Spotify press release, this option will allow users to stream their music in CD quality, which means the quality should be much higher than what is currently available.

The company also specifies that this will be an option to which Premium customers can subscribe, understand that the latter will certainly be accessible via a new offer, but we do not yet know at what price. Spotify is simply indicating that the option will be introduced in some markets later this year, without specifying either the date or the markets affected.

We will end by recalling that taking advantage of such an offer, on any platform whatsoever, you must have a device capable of drawing its full potential. If you subscribe to such an offer for high audio quality and listen to your music through low-end headphones or headphones, you will not feel any difference.

Clearly, this Spotify HiFi targets users who already have audio equipment worthy of the name.

Rachel Maga
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