Sony announces Eva collaboration wena 3 for Suica.Includes Citizen radio clock, etc. –GLM

Sony announces Eva collaboration wena 3 for Suica.Includes Citizen radio clock, etc. –GLM

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In commemoration of the movie “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” scheduled to be released in 2021, Sony will release a collaboration model of smart watch “wena 3” and Evangelion on May 14th. We are already accepting reservations at Sony stores, EC sites of consumer electronics mass retailers, and Eva store EC sites.

The estimated market price is 109,000 yen excluding tax for the “NERV Headquarters Pilot Exclusive Model” limited to 1000 units, and 159,000 yen excluding tax for the “NERV Headquarters Pilot Complete Set” limited to 300 units.

In addition to the wena 3 with the NERV logo, the collaboration model includes Citizen’s World Time Eco-Drive radio-controlled watch and a belt with a national flag and warning for the NERV Tokyo, London, and Berlin branches. The specific design points are as follows.

▲ With the LCD, the dial design incorporates the essence of the monitor design in the play. According to the world view of NERV, orange is used for the color and green luminescent paint is used for the index and hands.
▲ “wena 3 -NERV EDITION- complete set” includes a band with the concept of NERV Germany branch / UK branch as a replacement in addition to the bundled items of “wena 3 -NERV EDITION-” in the special pelican case. Bundle
  • The band is waxed cotton and pursues fashion while having a military taste.
  • Wena body back and crown with NERV logo

The development involved the design team of the mobile phone Eva mobile phone “SH-06A NERV” and the EVA smartphone “SH-06D NERV” that were once released by NTT DoCoMo, and it is said to be a government supply of the organization NERV that appears in the work. It is said that it was designed based on the concept.

The features of wena 3 are the same as those currently on sale, and you can use it like a smart watch by attaching a module equipped with a touch-compatible organic EL display or FeliCa to an analog watch. It also supports the voice assistant “Amazon Alexa”.


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