Sonoma State University will offer iPads to its students as part of a large program initiated by California.

Education evolves over the years. It is quite logical. The things one learns, but also the way of teaching it, and the resources available to faculty and students change over time.

A perfectly normal development. But it takes time to adapt. Modern technologies allow a lot of things today. The tablets, for example, are great educational tools for all ages. In the United States, a university has decided to endow its students with it.

Sonoma State University to give iPads to students in 2022

The way we learn things at school has changed a lot. With so many resources now available online and people who can search any topic on the internet very quickly and easily, a tremendous amount of time seems to have passed since those days of using paper and pencils to do research in the books in the library, to find the information we need.

It is for this reason that it is not very surprising to learn that Sonoma State University in California, United States, has just announced its intention to give its new students of 2022 an iPad pack, in which we will find an iPad Air, an Apple Pencil and an Apple Smart Keyboard. This pack will be offered to students for their entire university cycle.

as part of a large program initiated by California

Please note, it will only be accessible to first year students and transfer students. In other words, those who are already students at the university will not be able to benefit from it. This offering is also part of the CSUCCESS program, which aims to provide iPads to as many as 35,000 students enrolled in the California State University system.

According to California State University President Joseph I. Castro: “I am very excited to expand this important program to more students coming in the spring to help bridge the digital divide and build a strong technological foundation. for the duration of their stay at university. The program is already showing tremendous promise and should help meet our goals of student success and educational equity.”

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