The singer has been chosen to represent Italy at the San Remo Festival

The professional moment Ana Mena lives is unbeatable. In addition to occupying the highest positions of the musical charts around the world, she will compete in the next San Remo Festival, to represent Italy in Eurovision.

Her popularity in Italy has prompted Pope Francis to invite her to participate in the Vatican Christmas Gala. The Spanish singer had to interpret her own song and a Christmas carol.

Just another spanish Saint Alexanderwith, has had that honor before, in 2008. But he has finally had to reject the Head of the Catholic Church.

The San Remo Rules do not allow any of the official contestants take part in televised events in the months preceding the event, to avoid advertising campaigns ahead of time and ensure the exclusivity and mystery of the performances.

Reason why Ana Mena has to withdraw her participation of this Christmas event that will be broadcast on RAI, the Italian public channel and the Vatican Internet channel.

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