Samsung could adopt Google’s mysterious Fuchsia operating system for future mobile devices.

Samsung is one of the major players in the mobile market. The South Korean giant currently uses the Android operating system on its devices but that could change in the near future. It is indeed rumored that the brand could adopt the very mysterious OS Fuchsia from Google in the future.

Samsung could adopt Google’s mysterious Fuchsia OS

Several years ago we learned that Google was working on a new operating system codenamed Fuchsia OS. Some are convinced that this is the successor to Android and that this new OS would allow the Mountain View company to obtain more control than on Android, the way Apple controls its iOS.

Towards the end of Android?

None of this has yet been confirmed but if we are to believe the leakster Ice Universe, it seems that Samsung may have decided to use Fuchsia, in the near future. The South Korean giant could adopt this new operating system. Information of the most vague, released without the slightest precision, both with regard to the devices and the temporality of the thing.

It is also impossible to know if this means that Samsung will eventually abandon Android for Fuchsia or if the two OS will both be offered. This also logically brings up the question of the future of Android at Google. Is Fuchsia intended to replace Android or will the two coexist?

In any case, it will be very interesting to see what Fuchsia has to bring, especially since this mysterious OS has been talking about it for a very long time now. In other words, Google could have invested heavily in this system. Anyway, the I / O conference kicks off tomorrow, maybe we will know more about that. To be continued!

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