AI avatars of real-life adult film actors are inviting all imaginable requests in a new venture – and without any sanctions from OpenAI. What’s more, in addition to management, all actors involved benefit from the new service.

Adult film actress Riley Reid has launched a new company that offers AI versions of actors in videos with intimate content. Instead of fearing that competition from artificial intelligence would cut into her income, the entrepreneur has turned the tables and created a group that harnesses the power of AI for herself:

If other people use deepfakes or whatever and I don’t go along with it, someone else will steal my likeness and use it without my input.

The Deepfake

More and more videos, photos and audio files of celebrities are circulating, being altered and published on video portals without their consent. Despite the violation of the right to one’s own image, personal rights or copyright, public figures are increasingly seen doing or saying things that are not their own.

In deepfake films for adults, for example, the face of a real person is often inserted into film scenes, giving the impression that they are part of the scene. Software is used to analyze videos and images of the unaware for patterns until a three-dimensional model of the face can be calculated, which is then inserted into the film.

The phenomenon is not new and in 2018, an app called FakeApp was even released that allows even users with no technical understanding to independently insert faces into a movie.

AI chatbots with the consent of real people

Riley Reid is the co-founder of, a new company that allows people like her to create AI chatbot versions of themselves. That’s because, despite OpenAI and Anthropic’s prohibitions, people are tinkering with their own chatbots to make special romantic wishes, for example. The personalities on which the bots are based are often fictional, but they often correspond to the characters of real people, albeit without their consent.

However, Reid’s company is not only different in that a chatbot has been developed based on real people, who of course have given their consent and earn money from the service – the AI bots also talk to users about taboo topics on request for $30 a month. To create Riley Reid’s avatar, trained the algorithm with her YouTube videos, podcasts, interviews, and personal and intimate information.

However, is far from the first company to offer such services, even though the topics you can chat about here are certainly something special. For example, Caryn Marjorie has used Forever Voices AI and OpenAI’s GPT-4 to create a virtual version of herself that can be rented for a dollar a minute. Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has also announced that it is working on various AI avatars of famous people from sports, music and film.

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