Open Source Data Pipeline Platform “Airbyte” | GLM

Open Source Data Pipeline Platform “Airbyte” | GLM

Companies that handle large amounts of data will constantly send data from data sources such as applications, APIs, and databases to data warehouses and data lakes. Fivetran and Stitchdata are platforms for extracting, loading, and converting data.

Airbyte is developing an open source data pipeline platform. The open source alternatives to Fivetran and Stitchdata are interesting because they require a lot of resources to create and maintain connectors. I made a data pipeline for the time being, but entry is difficult if there is no big team.

Indeed, existing data pipelines already offer dozens of integrations with many popular sources such as Salesforce, Stripe, Marketo, and SendGrid, as well as destinations such as Redshift, Snowflake, and BigQuery.

However, there are many small services that are not supported on traditional data pipeline platforms. If you can’t import all of them, you may only be able to see a partial picture of your business.

So many companies develop and offer custom connectors for their applications. Airbyte believes that the open source approach can foster a community of users and create and maintain thousands of open source connectors. When one company makes a custom connector, another company uses it, improves it, and returns it to the community.

“If someone is using a connector and finds it broken, we can fix it for the entire community,” said co-founder and CEO Michel Tricot.

Initially, the Airbyte team started with a product focused on marketing data. After attending Y Combinator, he has changed his policy for the new coronavirus. “In the world of the new Corona, there is no marketing budget,” said co-founder John Lafleur.

Airbyte connectors run inside Docker containers, so they are independent of each other. Connector updates and refreshes can be manually scheduled and can be monitored individually.

Currently, there are 46 connectors. Airbyte is working on those certifications. 250 companies are currently using Airbyte.


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