Finesse, which predicts fashion trends with AI and develops products, raises 470 million yen, targeting Gen Z | GLM

Finesse, which predicts fashion trends with AI and develops products, raises 470 million yen, targeting Gen Z | GLM

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Finesse, a startup that seeks to save time from unreliable guesses from forecasting fashion trends, has announced that it has raised $ 4.5 million in seed and pre-seed rounds of venture funding.

“It’s an open secret that the fashion industry wastes tremendous amounts of money each year,” said founder and CEO Ramin Ahmari. For example, well-known apparel brand Burberry is facing growing criticism of its practice of incinerating unsold merchandise. It is estimated that approximately 13 million tonnes of textiles are waste in the industry as a whole.

“The purpose of Finesse is to change this,” Armari said. Fashion trends are shifting from the closed world of fashion shows to social media. As a result, new products are becoming more and more popular when they are actually worn by influencers such as Kylie Jenner.

“Data on the Internet is freely accessible to us. The fashion industry is much more predictable than the financial business we used to work in. Technology that applies tools such as natural language processing and deep learning to the fashion business. The startup just didn’t exist yet, “Armari said.

“That is, let’s say Kylie Jenner posted a new fashion photo on Instagram and people are crazy about it.[Omitted]The data isn’t just Kylie’s post. Instagram, TikTok, and Google Trends You can guess what’s going on. We can predict the next trend before the new fashion breaks. ”

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Finesse will develop new products based on forecast data. Armari says tools such as CLO 3D modeling software can be used to “significantly accelerate the supply chain.” Finesse said it could allow users to actually buy the product within 25 days of estimating the trend.

Finess officially launched on January 27, US time, but has already sold its products through “drop marketing.” Users vote for the item they want and make a reservation. The product is limited in quantity. According to Armari, Finesse focuses on unique items rather than standard products that are easy to sell, but confidence in demand makes them affordable. In fact, the products currently on sale range in price from $ 8 to $ 116.

Also, unlike many fashion companies, Finesse points out that Finesse doesn’t have to have a huge and expensive design department. However, “they themselves are excellent artists,” said members such as Andrea Knopf, vice president of product, and Brittany Fleck, head of product development.

“Unless real AI is realized (which is, of course, a distant goal), AI can’t be creative. We really need user feedback.[Omitted]What we want to eliminate is salary in this industry. It’s hard work done by cheap internship employees. We are discovering new fashion trends through Instagram and other means with highly effective technology, “Amari explains.

Armari also emphasizes sustainability and its relationship to the LGBTQ community (Armari himself admits that he is a non-binary who refuses to be gender-separated) and all products are unisex. Designed as a thing. Finesse is targeting Gen Z consumers who are fed up with fashion dominated by “white older cisgender men.”

Investors in the startup include venture capital firms such as Hoxton Ventures, MaC Venture Capital and Mango Capital, as well as former Twitter engineering director Alex Roetter and Collective Health CEO Ali Diab ( It also includes individual investors such as Ali Diab) and Sam Teller, co-founder of Fab Fit Fun.

“Finesse believes in the future of fashion, from trend forecasting to building a sustainable supply chain,” said Marlon Nichols, managing partner of MaC, in a statement. Creative destruction by Finesse. I think there is a lot to be learned from other fashion brands, and I am very much looking forward to what they will do next. ”


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