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Sensel, a startup that develops touch technology, announced that its pressure-sensitive touchpad will be installed on Lenovo’s X1 Titanium Yoga laptop.

Sensel is a startup with strengths in touch technology, such as the announcement of the touch input device “Sensel Morph” in 2015. Morph has realized functions that set it apart from conventional input devices, such as detecting the movement of the brush and placing a keyboard, keyboard, and a sheet with a DJ controller on the touchpad.


In addition, at CES 2021, Sensel exhibited pressure-sensitive touchpad components designed to be built into laptops. Not only can it detect the strength of pushing, but it can also give accurate feedback such as click feeling to your finger.

Regarding its adoption in the Thinkpad X1 Titanium Yoga, Sensel says, “We can dramatically reduce the thinness of the device and it fits perfectly into the thinnest Thinkpad ever.” The product is 11.5 mm thick and weighs 2.54 pounds (about 1.2 kilograms), packed with 11th generation Core i7 vPro, 16 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of SSD storage, and supports 5G connection.

The new Thinkpad X1 Titanium Yoga will be available overseas for $ 1,899 this month. We hope that Sensel’s touch technology will be introduced in various applications in the future.

Source: Sensel, Lenovo, Engadget


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