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YouTube publishes hashtag landing page for all users, click on hashtag to view

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YouTube has been actively working on hashtags for some time, but now it has released a new feature that allows users to efficiently discover content with hashtags. In the past, clicking on a hashtag on YouTube or directly entering a URL containing the hashtag returned a lot of related content, but some videos did not use the hashtag. YouTube’s new “hashtag landing page” has changed that.

After the update, clicking on the hashtag will bring up a dedicated landing page containing only the videos that are actually using it. According to YouTube, “the best videos are sorted to the top.” However, this algorithm still needs improvement. It’s a strange mix of new and old videos, and some categories show a lot of Indian content.

So far, YouTube’s hashtag function is not as advanced as the hashtag search of SNS such as Facebook (Facebook) and Twitter (Twitter). In SNS search, the latest content is displayed at the top considering the posting time. With today’s YouTube hashtag search, it may still be difficult to “find the video you want to watch instantly” (although this was the original aim). However, it should serve as a useful tool for creators to consider how to use hashtags effectively.

For example, clicking on the hashtag “#interiordesign” will take you to a very crowded place with 8400 channels and 29,000 videos. On the other hand, niche hashtags like “#interiordesignlivingroom” have less than 100 channels and videos. If users start using hashtags frequently to find videos, they’re more likely to be found with targeted tags.

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To display the YouTube hashtag landing page, click the hashtag in the video description field (note that this is not a hashtag search in the search field). Alternatively, you can directly access the hashtag page by entering the address in the URL format of*****. (For example,

Testing this feature found that there was no hashtag page for controversial terms such as election-related videos such as QAnon and #stopthesteal that YouTube had previously said to block.

The hashtag landing page feature was announced in the YouTube community forum in early January 2021. Here, YouTube explained that it is preparing “a function that groups content and makes it easier to find videos using hashtags.”

This week, YouTube emphasized on its Creator Insider channel that the new feature was “100% open to all users.” However, the video said, “You can access a new landing page with a hashtag search,” but that’s not the case at the moment. Hashtag landing pages are available on both desktop and mobile.

[Japan editorial department]YouTube hashtags also support Japanese.

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