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Porsche Germany announced the rear-wheel drive version of the electric car “Taikan” overseas.

The rear-wheel drive Taycan that was announced for China in July last year. And according to Autoblog, an overseas car news site, the price of the rear-wheel drive version added to the Porsche lineup under the name “Taikan” for the United States is said to be from $ 81,250 (about 8.4 million yen). .. This is well below the $ 100,150 of the current model’s cheapest Taycan 4S.


There are a performance battery model (79.2kWh battery) and a performance battery plus model (93.4kWh battery) in Taikan, which can cruise about 430km / about 480km respectively. The Performance Battery model delivers 402 hp / 254 lbs of torque, and the Performance Battery Plus model delivers 469 hp / 263 lbs of torque.

By omitting the front-wheel drive measures, Taycan has achieved a weight reduction of 200 pounds (about 90 kilograms). Specifications such as rear power unit, battery setup, 2-speed transaxle and regenerative brake are the same as other Taycan models, but Taycan has different coloring.

With the introduction of the rear-wheel drive version, the Taycan series has a slightly lower hurdle. In addition to the EV model of the compact SUV “Macan” scheduled in the future, Porsche’s EV lineup will be further strengthened.


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