While Microsoft’s latest OS “Windows 11” is scheduled to be available from October 5, “Parallels Desktop 17”, which can virtualize and run various operating systems on macOS, also claims to be compatible with Windows 11. As a result, we were expecting that Windows 11 could be used in a virtual environment even on the M1 Mac.

However, it became clear that MS replied “unsupported scenario” for Windows 11 operation on M1 Mac.

The statement was told by an MS spokeswoman to the overseas tech media The Register. I’d like to ask MS when the magazine started running a Windows 11 virtual machine on an M1 Mac with Parallels Desktop 17 installed, causing a hardware compatibility error with a Windows Insider build on the Dev channel. In addition, it is said that this bug has been resolved in version 17.0.1 of Parallels Desktop 17.

When The Register asked if M1 Mac + Parallels would support running Windows 11, the MS side replied, “No support is expected.” He added that running Windows 11 directly on the M1 Mac’s hardware is also not supported.

It’s a shame for M1 Mac users who were looking forward to it, as it seems that MS and Parallels may be officially working together, at least for Windows 10. However, since MS has not commented on Windows 11 operation on M1 + Parallels (at least in the observation range), it can be said that one-sided expectations have just run idle.

The Register also pointed out that just before the official release of Windows 11, there are still known issues such as bug checking on some Surface Pro X, that is, MS-made Arm-based PCs, the taskbar disappearing, and the Start menu not working. doing. With MS still having bugs on its own PCs, it may not be possible to afford another company’s M1 Mac.

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