Karlos Arguiñano donates marrow to his sister with leukemia

Karlos Arguiñano Donates Marrow to His Sister With Leukemia

The concinero has confessed that this is the second time, since he already did it 15 years ago

“This week I donated marrow to my sister Loinaz, who has leukemia. I already did it 15 years ago but now it has had a slump ”. In order to carry out this act of generosity, it is necessary to be in good health and Karlos Arguiñano has it: “To donate you do a lot of tests and the doctor told me: ‘Look, Karlos, keep doing the life you do, because you are fucking great'”.

Loinaz is the least known of the famous chef’s sisters as she has decided to live her life anonymously. The same does not happen with Eva, the youngest who has followed in Karlos’s footsteps and is a pastry chef.

The Arguiñano family is a very united family as it has always been shown that life has dealt a blow to them. As happened in 2020, when Pepi Urkiola, the matriarch of the clan, passed away.

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