Instagram has confirmed that it is developing a new feature called “Favorites” that allows users to choose a specific account to post frequently in their feeds. A similar feature already exists on Facebook, giving users more control over the News Feed algorithm than ever before. On Facebook, users can choose up to 30 people on their Facebook page so that their posts appear frequently in their news feeds. However, it’s unclear how many people can be selected on Instagram Favorites.

Instagram Favorites feature is a reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi (Alessandro Paruzzi) revealed that it is under development. He found a new pushpin icon in Instagram’s settings menu and more details on how the new features work.

Paruzzi on Twitter Posted According to the screenshots, users can search for Instagram accounts they follow to create a list of Favorites. Instagram writes that the list can be edited at any time and will not be notified if a user is added to someone’s Favorites.

Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature, which has been around for several years, has the same level of privacy. With Close Friends, users can create a completely separate list of followers so they can share their more private and personal Instagram Stories with a particular group of their choice.

Paruzzi wrote that he was able to add contacts to his Favorites list, but hasn’t seen any changes to his Instagram feed since. This implies that this feature is still under development and will not be available immediately.

“This feature is an internal prototype that is still under development and has not been tested externally,” an Instagram spokeswoman told TechCrunch. I refused to provide specific information about this feature.

The Favorites feature may contribute to Instagram’s big plan to establish itself as a home for creator content. In another leak, Paruzzi also found Instagram building “Fan Subscriptions.” Fan Subscriptions allow users to pay for frequent access to creators’ content, such as special live videos and Stories. Paid subscribers are given a special badge that makes their name stand out when they comment, send direct messages, or browse the creator’s Stories.

Given that users who are paying for content shouldn’t want to miss an opportunity, it makes sense to provide them with a tool to “favorites” creators who frequently appear in their feeds. It can be said that there is.

The Favorites feature also allows you to view important photos and videos you missed on your favorite accounts, rather than the latest posts or interesting updates for all the accounts you follow, when someone who has been away from Instagram for a while resumes use. It may also be useful if you want to.

Although not the main goal, new features may also help resolve user complaints about common algorithmic feeds.

Many people prefer not to sort Instagram posts with algorithms that they can’t control, and want to see them in chronological order. Favorites doesn’t seem to pursue this request (although Instagram has tested chronological feeds in the past). But Instagram at least provides the ability to keep track of the posts of the people who provide the updates that users want to see the most.

Instagram has admitted that it’s working on Favorites, but that feature isn’t always generally available. Instagram-sized companies often prototype new ideas, and only some of them are released.

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