Microsoft is testing Xbox Game Pass with 1080p Streaming

Microsoft is testing Xbox Game Pass with 1080p Streaming

On small screens, it is quite easy to come to terms with a relatively low resolution, but as the diagonal increases, the eye quickly sees the pixels and asks for better. 1080p is quickly becoming the minimum required.

The streaming of video games is coming, slowly but surely, into homes. The fault, most certainly with still too low flow rates on average to really get the most out of it. However, the infrastructures and the compression algorithms are now working wonders to enjoy video games on the go in very good conditions.

It is possible to do better, Microsoft is working on Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft is testing 1080p on its Xbox Game Pass

The 720p resolution of the Xbox Game Pax video game streaming service (aka xCloud) is quite decent on a smartphone but it will never be enough when the service is offered on PC and tablet. Fortunately, it seems that an increase in this maximum resolution is on the agenda.

Windows Central and The Verge both report that Microsoft is currently testing 1080p streams. Difficult to gauge the extent of this test or the date on which subscribers could benefit from it, but this would certainly be a clear improvement in terms of quality for players on the big screen.

And the Xbox Game Streaming app would be compatible with touch and motion detection

A simultaneous leak of the latest version of the Xbox Game Streaming application for Windows also showed how the software could manage more players.

In particular, this could support touch and gyroscopic type inputs (understand by that of movement), which would just make it easier to play remote Xbox games on tablets like those in the Surface range when you are not. have no controller available.

Still, this 1080p resolution test and this new version of the application are still in their infancy. No one really knows when these new features will be rolled out. Microsoft seems in any case to prepare an event dedicated to video games for the month of March.

No guarantee that these two points will be on the agenda, but these findings clearly indicate that Microsoft wants to go further in terms of quality and playability. Cloud gaming and remote gaming are actually easier when you don’t have to worry about the choice of device or image quality. And that would attract even more users to its service.

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