Meta, the new name of Facebook's parent company

Meta, the new name of Facebook’s parent company

Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus VR are now subsidiaries of Meta

Meta (beyond, in ancient Greek), the new name of the parent company of Facebook, will have for mission to give life to the metaverse and to help Internet users to exchange with their close relations, to find communities and to develop their business.

The metaverse will look like a hybrid blend of today’s online social experiences, sometimes extended to three dimensions or projected into the physical world. It will make it possible to share immersive experiences with other people, even from a distance, and to do together what would be impossible in the real world.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, says:

We are a company whose goal is to bring people together. While most tech companies are interested in how users interact with technology, we are looking to develop one that allows people to interact with each other. We have designed uses that have enabled to bring people together in various ways. We have learned a lot from our struggle with certain societal issues and our experience with closed platforms. Now it’s time to take everything we’ve learned into account and start a new chapter. With all the current checks and public debates, some of you may be wondering why we are doing this now. Because I am convinced that we are on Earth to create. I believe technology can improve our lives. And I am convinced that the future will not be built by itself. I know some will say this is not the time to look to the future. I am well aware that there are important issues to be resolved today. But there always will be. For many of you, there may never be a good time to think about the future. But I also know that many of you think like me. We are passionate about our creations, and even if we make mistakes, we will continue to learn, create and move forward.

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Rachel Maga
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