IPhone 11 sunk to the bottom of a lake survives half a year of submersion

IPhone 11 sunk to the bottom of a lake survives half a year of submersion

The iPhone 11 has been IP68 certified and is touted as having a water resistance of up to 30 minutes up to a depth of 2 m, but it is reported that it has survived half a year of submersion far beyond that limit.

Chilliwack diver Clayton Hellkenberg and his wife Heather told local media CBC that they met the iPhone 11 when they dived into Harrison Lake in search of lost items that had fallen into the water.

“The folding phone I found at the same time was badly damaged, while the iPhone 11 was ready to turn on as soon as I took it home and wiped it clean.”

Hellkenberg took out the SIM card from the iPhone 11 and put it in another phone to figure out the phone number. When I contacted him, it turned out that the owner was Fatme Gossi, who lives in Vancouver.

Mr. Gossi dropped his iPhone in the water in early September, that is, half a year ago when he was on a boat, and the photos taken just before that were also recovered from the iPhone.

According to Gossi, the iPhone 11 has a broken microphone and strange speaker sound, but everything else works perfectly. The maximum capacity of the battery is also 96%, and damage caused by submersion is hardly seen.

This isn’t the first time the iPhone has survived a desperate pinch. In some cases, he survived for more than a year after falling 60m from an airplane, and brought back a video of the fall while diving at a height of 300m.

However, it is quite fortunate that the place where you fell is not a rocky place but a soft sandy beach, or that it is discovered after sinking to the bottom of the lake, so it is better to refrain from taking selfies with your iPhone while riding a boat or Cessna plane. It looks like it.

Rachel Maga
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